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      1. XINGDA


        is located in Ninghai County of Zhejiang Province which enjoys great popularity as China's Capital of mould. It is by the provincial road S34, and is 30 minutes ride to Ningbo Lishe Airport, and 60 minutes ride to Ningbo Port. The transportation is very convenient.

        A professional cutter knife manufacturer since 1997.

        Xingda Stationery covers an area of 30,000 square meters,with workshops of 28,000

        It has more than 50 patents, and has passed European TUV and GS testing

        Now,the company is one of the most competitive manufacturers in this industury

        08 2020-01

        We will attend coming Canton Fair and Shanghai Hardware Show, here below is our booth information
        08 2020-01

        Canton fair first phase, booth no: 15.1F42-G01, from April 15th-19th. Canton fair third phase, booth no: 1.2 D41-42, from May 1st-5th.
        08 2020-01

        Canton fair first phase, booth no: 15.1F42-G01, from October 15-19. Canton fair third phase, booth no:1.2 D41-42, from October 31-November 4. Shanghai Hardware Show,booth no: 6 L 121, from October 21-
        08 2020-01

        Booth number is as below, 15.1F 42-G01, first phase , April 15th-19th, 1.2 D41-42, third phase, May 1th-5th

        CONTACT US


        Add: Wangjia Industry Zone,Xidian,Ninghai,Ningbo China

        ?2019  Zhejiang Xingda Stationery Co., Ltd.

        Zhejiang Xingda Stationery Co., Ltd

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